A Wood Fired Grille

Our Story

Executive Chef Christian Ferreira is pleased to welcome you to his restaurant in scenic downtown Bristol, Rhode Island. Christian’s is synonymous with fine dining in the busy nightlife of this popular tourist town.

Chris enjoys designing recipes to utilize ingredients during their peak periods of freshness to create unique tastes that fit the season. The menu for Christian’s will change frequently, and there will be new specials each week. Certain key ingredients will return in later menus, bringing a completely different experience in each new dish. For those of you looking for something new and interesting, our small plates offer a way to sample a variety of dishes.

With over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Chris is excited to be able to showcase his talents and design a unique culinary experience. Using his creativity is one of his favorite aspects of being a chef, and he enjoys building dishes that take the structure, texture, and flavor of the ingredients to new levels. Chris relies on his ability to adapt to his surroundings to bring his innovative ideas to life.

Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University in 2010. He enjoys putting his own spin on classic dishes, continually evolving them instead of revisiting past creations. Christian’s utilizes as many local suppliers as possible, using a network of local farms and fishermen to stock his kitchen with a wide variety of fresh, quality ingredients.

Christian’s features an extensive drink menu, an impressive craft beer list, and delicious desserts.